Restoring Vision

Restoring Vision: A Partnership for a Clearer World

Since the inception of Usaoptometrists, we have always envisioned our entrepreneurial life with one essential pillar: giving back. They didn’t know how or in what form but for them, rewarding collaborators, solidifying partnerships, and practicing gratitude and empathy are part of what they are. Therefore, it must be a part of what they do. 

Why We Partnered with Restoring Vision

Our partnership with Restoring Vision aligns with our commitment to give back. We believe that Restoring Vision is aligned with our vision, where the simplest gesture has the potential to change someone else’s life for the better—and sometimes forever. 

Usaoptometrists partnership with Restoring Vision can change people’s lives. Their work fights the global vision crisis: over a billion people lack access to clear vision. Donating to their cause empowers people all around the world by giving the gift of vision—a gift, in our opinion, everyone should have access to. Together, we can make a real lasting impact!

How You Can Contribute to a Clearer World

No matter the size of your donation, every cent can create lasting, positive change. When you purchase from Usaoptometrists, you have the option to donate to our partnership at checkout. It’s a simple, effective way to give the gift of vision. We thank you for supporting our commitment to giving back by contributing to a better, clearer world! 

Give the Gift of Vision Today

Thank you so much for donating to our cause. From all of us at Usaoptometrists, we are proud to be in partnership with Restoring Vision, and to contribute to making the world a better place—one pair of glasses at a time.