Collection: Blue Light

In a digital world, your eyes are your most valuable asset. Our lenses feature the latest in blue light technology, filtering out the harsh spectrum of the artificial light emitted by screens, which could lead to eye strain, disrupted sleep and even long-term vision issues. You could use your vision benefits to turn them into prescription or readers (for free, see here)


Do you accept vision insurance?

Check your eligibility HERE. We are able to check across all insurance providers what are your benefits and submit claims on your behalf so you don't have to. Chances are your glasses could be free with your vision plan! Alternatively email us at so we can assist with your benefits.

Do you offer prescription lenses?

Yes, all our glasses are available with prescription lenses at no charge. Only options like high index lenses will be an extra cost.

Do I need to purchase prescription lenses with my glasses?

All our glasses come standard with prescription lenses or reading lenses. You can choose to remove the lenses and bring the frame to your optician of choice to fit them with your own lenses.

How much are prescription glasses?

You can purchase a complete pair of high quality prescription glasses or readers with premium lenses for only $195

Do you sell readers?

Yes, any of our frames are available with reading lenses (same power on each lens) whether you are looking for regular reading glasses or blue light blocking reading glasses.